Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Pensacola FL and Surrounding Areas

Construction contractors today typically build new homes with ductwork that distributes conditioned air throughout the house. However, some older homes don’t have ductwork, nor do many room additions and other spaces that have been converted into living areas. In these situations, ductless air conditioning can provide a cool indoor environment when you’re seeking relief from the heat. At Cutler Heating and Air, we carry, install, repair and maintain ductless mini-splits, and we can help you with yours.

Ductless Air Conditioning Services in Pensacola FL and Surrounding Areas

Emergency Ductless Repairs in Pensacola, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Similar to central air conditioning units, ductless systems have an outdoor compressor. Instead of circulating conditioned air through ductwork, indoor air handlers mounted in each room deliver the air directly into it. You can connect up to four indoor air handlers to one outdoor unit. A conduit line housing a refrigerant line, condensate drain and a power cable connect the two units. Hook-up only requires a 3-inch hole through the wall.

Cutler Heating and Air performs 24/7 emergency ductless repairs, including holidays. A live employee will answer your call around the clock, and we’ll never charge an additional fee for service. We always remain honest before, during and after the repair.

Professional Ductless Air Conditioning Installations in Pensacola, Florida

The purpose of air conditioning is to keep you comfortable on those hot summer days that sometimes seem to go on forever in Pensacola. With central air conditioning, one thermostat regulates the comfort throughout your entire home. That means that frequently, based on location and natural effects such as sun and shade, some rooms are inevitably hotter or colder than the desired temperature.

Ductless mini-splits provide room-by-room comfort. A separate thermostat regulates the air handler in every room, allowing you to control the temperature in each. This zone capability also allows you to cool rooms only when they’re in use, thus saving money and energy. The comfort advisors at Cutler Heating and Air can help you with your ductless installation. We wear shoe covers and use drop cloths throughout the service.

Ductless Service in Pensacola, Florida, and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re interested in the advantages of ductless air conditioning, give Cutler Heating and Air a call. Our comfort advisors can help you decide whether a ductless mini-split is the right option for you and will streamline the process of finding a system that matches your unique needs. We’re happy to help homeowners in Cantonment, Milton, Pace, Pensacola, Perdido Key and the surrounding communities in Florida take advantage of ductless AC.

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